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WISTA UK established the Came by Ship campaign as part of its 40th Anniversary events to inform people about how valuable and vital to the UK economy the maritime industry is. In a world of almost instant communication we often forget or don’t even know about how vital shipping is to just about every aspect of our economy. This country is an island nation and for centuries shipping has been our lifeblood.

The Came by Ship campaign is also keen to promote the career opportunities that are available within the maritime, shipping and associated sectors, especially the opportunities at entry level. WISTA UK offers a mentoring programme for females within the sectors.

Came by Ship - cargoes and goods

Came by Ship – cargoes and goods


More than 95% of all goods that come into the UK arrive by ship and without the maritime industry the UK economy would be in choppy waters.

The amount of seaborne trade is set to double by 2030. 113,000 UK people are directly employed in the sector and this grows to 240,000 if you add ports, shipping and business services. The Department for Transport forecasts a shortfall of around 3,500 trained UK Deck and Engineer Officers at sea by 2021 and these are needed not just at sea, but in the service sector, where qualified seafarers will continue to be in demand.

The UK maritime sector supports 1,000.000 jobs, both at sea and on shore.

We need more highly skilled people to join the maritime sector, especially engineers and women. Average pay in the maritime sector is higher than other compatible jobs.

The maritime industry is made up of different businesses which relate to the transportation of goods and people over major waterways, including cargo shippers, cruise lines, ferries, shipbuilders, military operations and more. Merchant shipping is the lifeblood of the world economy. It is estimated that there are 50,421 commercial ships worldwide. They operate on the high seas, as well as on short sea voyages or cabotage, and on fresh water on lakes, rivers and canals.

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WISTA UK is the oldest of all national WISTA associations, dating back to 1974. Today WISTA UK focuses on helping young people and newcomers leap into the maritime industry through networking, training, education and mentoring. WISTA UK seeks to enhance members’ competence and empower career success. WISTA UK is proud to be the founding country of WISTA International. More information and WISTA UK events can be found at www.wista-uk.net 


Visit the WISTA International network website to find your nearest WISTA country www.wista.net

WISTA – Women International Shipping & Trading Association