Came By Ship was established for the 35th anniversary of WISTA UK as a campaign to share how vital maritime industry is for the UK economy. Shipping has been the lifeblood of the UK island nation for centuries. Came By Ship serves to promote career opportunities within maritime, shipping and associate sectors on all job levels. WISTA UK provides mentoring programmes for women in the industry.

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How Came By SHIP Began

Our aim is to encourage the next generation to think about the maritime industry and consider potential career opportunities within the sector. From this sole vision and intrinsic purpose, the Came by SHIP campaign was born.

The shipping industry is highly important as the UK is heavily dependent on it. 

Merchant shipping is the lifeblood of the world economy on the high seas, short distances among neighbouring countries or from port to port within the same country. 

If Came by SHIP and other similar campaigns are able to inspire young people then maritime professionals of today will retire with the knowledge that their legacy is safe.

A strong level of enthusiasm and wisdom today will help ensure the maritime industry continues its contribution to the world trade and economy.