World Oceans Day: what is the shipping industry doing to clean the seas?

On World Oceans Day, it becomes evident that the shipping industry plays a pivotal role in the safeguard of our seas and oceans but what is the sector actually doing? Here are five initiatives from the shipping industry to help protect and clean up the seas.

Since 1992, every 8 June we celebrate the World Oceans Day to honour our seas and foster a global consciousness regarding the threats human activities pose to them.
“The purpose of the Day is to educate and inform about how vital the oceans are to us all, about the impact of human actions on the ocean, to help foster a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean, and to mobilize and unite the world’s population to support sustainable management of the world’s oceans,” said IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim today.
Given the direct impact of the shipping sector on marine ecosystems, the industry has and will continue to have a fundamental role in the sustainable management of oceans.

To celebrate such an important date, we have a look at five initiatives to protect and clean up the oceans from the shipping industry.

IMO – The Global Industry Alliance for Marine Biosafety
The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) launched today the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) for Maritime Biosafety, a project that brings together maritime shipping and other ocean-based industries.
The alliance’s aim is for these sectors, through the improvement in biofouling management, to protect marine biodiversity and minimise the CO2 emissions derived from the shipping sector.

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