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Facts & Figures

Freight transport refers to the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo.

The term ‘shipping’ originally referred to transport by sea but is now extended in American English to refer to transport by land or air (International English: “carriage”) as well.

‘Logistics’, a term borrowed from the military environment, is also fashionably used in the same sense. Insert

What types of ships are there?

Not a complete list, but this will give you some idea of the diversity of Merchant ships.

What comes by Ship?

To many people the maritime industry is invisible.Cruise ships and ferry sailings are advertised on TV and warship documentaries are occasionally aired, but not many people ever stop to think what goods are imported and exported by ship.

How long does it take?

Ever wondered how long it takes wholesalers to receive goods from China?

Highlighting the importance of shipping in our lives

90% of the world's goods are transported by sea.However, most people neglect to consider how these goods are shipped from one country to another.