This year is exceptional, as we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of WISTA-UK. As such we such we thought that our Annual Grand Debate has to be special and exceptional.

We are planning a Vox-Pop short film of about 4 minutes, where our WISTA-UK Mentee, Ms Holly Edwards will be asking questions to school leavers, teachers and members of the public three or four questions about shipping. The video to be shown at the debate will highlight the knowledge (or lack thereof) of the p ublic about shipping and will be an introduction to the Debate.

The Vox-Pop editing will be done by Sam Jude from Image Line Communications.

This Session will be the point of reference for our Debate in Liverpool, on 16th June 2014.

The questions will be:

  1. Do you think that the UK has a maritime dependent economy?
  2. What, in your view, is percentage of the goods coming by ship to the UK?
  3. Would say that the shipping industry offers opportunities for young people?
  4. Apart from a sailor, seafarer or port worker, what other professions or opportunities do you think the shipping industry could offer to young people?
  5. Would you like to go to sea to work?
  6. Do you think that working on a ship is interesting?
  7. Do you think that working on a ship is dangerous?

The Debate will be focus on not why but who is at fault for making the shipping industry invisible.