Shipping essay competition

WISTA-UK is inviting young people to create a unique article about shipping.

We endeavour to promote the creativity among young people to highlight the importance of shipping industry in our lives.

Most of the journalists writing in our daily newspapers have limited knowledge of how our industry works, how much we contribute to the economy and above all how to report about the shipping industry.

On the stories generally published in the daily newspapers are about ship disasters, or about a mega ship being built, but we do not read about seafarers, their work, or even charities and chaplains attending ports. We see cruise ships on our TV but we have no idea how many people work on board, how much ice cream the passengers eat on each cruise, or how many sheets have to be washed every week.

The reported stories do not tell us that to enter or leave a port ships need a pilot, or that there are tankers working as floating petrol stations supplying fuel to vessels on the high seas. In the past, nearly every family in Britain had someone working in the merchant navy or working in an activity related to shipping.

We need to face the sea and see the opportunities that the sea and the maritime industry offer.

This is thier opportunity to write an article and serve as inspiration to a nation that survives and exists thanks to the shipping industry. Be inspired and inspire others.

Write an essay about shipping, the article must be in English and has to be related to movement of