Make a difference

Make a difference

You want to do a meaningful job? You want to help other people and our society?

Well, working in the shipping industry makes a huge difference and has an impact on our lives. But many people aren’t aware of this.

The shipping industry is responsible for international trade. The industry is also a key element in the economic success, social standards and political view. Without the shipping industry and without committed workers the world’s economies would collapse. Moreover, the shipping industry supplies  the world with food and other goods.

The marine industry needs young and creative people. People who deal with solving problems like rising sea levels, plastics in the ocean, over-fishing or invasive species. People who make the world to a better place.

Working in this industry can take you anywhere in the world. You can discover exiting countries and beautiful nature.

Because of new inventions and modern technology, the shipping industry is constantly developing and more interesting than ever.

If you choose to make a difference, there are hundreds of different jobs. You could work as an engineer, a scientist, or you can work in trucking, sales or freight forwarding. There are a lot of possibilities. No matter what your skills are, there is a job in the shipping industry waiting for you.

Don’t hesitate, be brave and make a difference!

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