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A career is a job or a series of jobs you do during your working life. But finding the right career path is not easy at all for most people. This blog post can help you with it.



Education is a key element. It qualifies you to work in certain jobs. But don’t panic, if you haven’t the educational degree, there are lots of opportunities to catch it up.

There are many ways to learn more about education, academic studies and retraining. Going to institutions, looking at websites, … This helps you to decide what your next step is.


Choosing a job or a career is not just about earing money. It is a decision influencing your entire life. What are you interested in? Take your time and really think about it. Doing a job you like is essential for your success and your own happiness. But be realistic, not every interest can be transformed into a job.

Are you interested in science, technology and engineering? Do you love to explore the world and the sea? Perhaps you should think about starting a marine career.


Every job or every career requires certain skills. But this doesn’t mean you have to do everything perfectly. What are your skills? Be honest to yourself, that is the only way to realize what you can already do and what not. Now you can start working on developing new skills. But be patient, learning is a lifelong process.


What do you believe in? What do you stand for?  Finding your (career-) values can take some time, but it is worth it. Your principles and ideas can guide your career choices. Work which lines up with your values will be more meaningful and you will be more likely to achieve success.


Realizing what your personal and career goals are, can be extremely useful. How can you achieve your goals? What kind of job is compatible with your goals? Finding the answers to those questions can help you to identify your dream job.


The marine environment offers a range of varied, challenging and fascinating careers. Just think about it, maybe this is the career you have been looking for.

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