Photo Competitions

2016 Competition

Grace Pragassen  (Winner Under 12 category)

Martin Hsu (Winner 12-18 category)

Andrew McAlpine (Winner over 18)

Andrew Sassoli-Walker (Winner Professional photographer)

2015 Competition

Winner in the Over-18 section was Reha Serindag for his photo entitled Smash which evokes the drama of a ship’s bow ploughing through the ocean. Mr Serindag is a deck officer with the Turkish shipping line Geden.

In the Under-18 group, first prize was taken by Aidan Stephenson, whose subject was A Sunset from the Bridge. Aidan’s prize shot was taken in March at Southampton.

In the professional photographer category, the winner was Danny Cornelissen with his shot entitled Container Race, showing two mighty containerships at close quarters. Danny, whose talents dominated this section, took his winning pictures at Rotterdam/Hook of Holland in August 2012.

Victorious WISTA member was Amandine Ceruti, who composed a surprisingly artistic picture from what some might consider a mundane subject, that of bulk cargo waiting to be loaded in the port of Antwerp.

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