Biggest Ships – 9 unbelievable facts

Here are some amazing facts about the biggest ships of the world in different categories.

Can you believe that they are true?

  1. The container ship HMM Algeciras is longer than the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building.
  2. In 30 years the bulk carrier Valemax Ship will transport 48 million tons of iron or 385 Golden Gate Bridges.
  3. The oil tanker Eurona V Oceania is able to hold roughly a day of France’s and Britain’s combined oil consumption.
  4. The passenger ship Symphony of the Seas is about five times the size of the Titanic.
  5. The naval ship Nimitz-Class Carrier can operate for 20 years without refueling.
  6. The roro ship MY Tonsberg is only 35 meters shorter than the Eiffel Tower and has an engine with the horsepower of 180 cars.
  7. The chemical Tanker Bow Pioneer has engines that consume less fuel compared to the older vessels in fleet.
  8. The gas ship Q-Max Mozah has a deadweight of 128,900 DWT which is more than 25,000+ elephants.
  9. The yacht Rev Ocean is created to collect and melt down 5 tons of plastic per day.

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