Actor Tom Hanks honored with American Maritime Hero Award

While many may be familiar with actor Tom Hanks as the voice of a toy cowboy or slow-witted Forrest Gump, his contribution to portraying maritime heroes is what earned him the American Maritime Hero Award.

On July 13, the American Maritime Partnership (AMP) announced Hanks would be receiving the award. According to AMP, this award is given to individuals or groups that have “added to the rich heritage of the United States as a maritime nation through their professional contributions, courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.” Other notable recipients of the award include Alexander Hamilton, Secretary Elaine Chao and 9/11 Boatlift First Responders. Hanks narrated a short documentary “Boatlift – An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience,” about the same first responders. 

Hanks is also known for his lead role in “Captain Philipps,” a true story about a ship hijacked by Somalian pirates. He also stars in the new AppleTV+ film “Greyhound,” that focuses on a Navy commander leading an Allied convoy being pursued by German U-boats across the Atlantic during World War II. 

Even though his career path is in acting, Hanks has brought engagement and life to unknown maritime heroes through his work. 

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