Top Ten List

  1. To publicise and increase the awareness of the maritime industry to the general public
  2. To serve as a reminder to the community that the maritime industry should not be taken lightly and that shipping is a critical public resource that helps people and economies, and furthermore, offers jobs and transforms lives
  3. To teach the younger generation that the UK depends heavily on the maritime industry
  4. To offer maritime/shipping employment opportunities to young people
  5. To create opportunities to help local communities by fostering relationships with influential people in the shipping industry
  6. To run an awareness campaign that is accessible to everyone
  7. To facilitate and educate on behalf of the sector and make people aware of the many career possibilities
  8. To provide an opportunity for people to be a part of events and activities which highlight the maritime industry
  9. To help create a new dimension that will benefit companies well beyond their Corporate Social Responsibility goals
  10. To provide new and exciting ways to connect with the local community and have fun.
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