About 7,000 seafarers from Himachal act as ambassadors for job creation

Offers of new jobs in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak and downhill journey from hills of Himachal to deep sea for making career may sound incredible but Himachal Seafarers Association (HSA) is endeavouring to make it happen.

It would be feasible by roping in about 7,000 seafarers from Himachal, who would act as ambassadors for job creation and help and assist the job seekers, aspiring to make a career in merchant navy.
“We cannot bring ships to Himachal but we can definitely bring shipping jobs in the state and Himachal Pradesh Government and the HSA would become an interface between the Himachali youth and shipping companies, private players and training institutes to provide jobs to the aspirants,” said Capt Sanjay Prashar, member, National Shipping Board, and founder member of Himachal Seafarers Association.
About 18,000 people are trained to enter merchant navy by 155 training institutes every year and our target is to have 500 to 1000 youth from Himachal with sponsorship implying that they would get assured jobs after training and gradually increase the number to 10 per cent of total recruitment, he told The Tribune.
“There are lots of job opportunities in the merchant navy in cargo ships, cruise line and oil gas vessel as over 200 cruise ships are hiring Indians, moreover six big Indian players in shipping are also hiring from all the states in six categories including deck cadet, engine cadet, electro technical officer, marine engineer and catering and more,” Prashar adds.
The association came into existence during the lockdown itself and 13 chapters of the HSA are in place, the heads of these chapters would tie up with the maritime institutions and the school principals and administration to help students of Class X and Class XII (Science) prepare for merchant navy.

The HSA would act as knowledge sharing partner for Himachali youth and four institutions, including Ganpat University, Ahmadabad, International Maritime Institute, Noida, Hindustan Institute of Maritime Technology, Chennai and Eurotech Maritime, Kochi, have agreed to start online classes for preparing the job aspirants after COVID-19 eases down and the Government of India, Ministry of Shipping issues guidelines for new batch and entrance exams.

Himachalis are known for their performance, integrity, honesty, character and longevity of career in one company and many managing directors are from Himachal besides girls are also doing well in this field, he added.

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